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Caribbean Spice is a family owned local business located in Scotch Plains, NJ. This roti shop serves Trinidadian style foods.
What's The Difference Between Dhal Puri and Buss Up Shut Roti?
Dhal Puri:- is a type of flat bread with a filling of grounded yellow split Peas(dhal), Cumin(geera), Garlic and Pepper. The Roti is role Flat and Cooked on a tawa(Stove For Cooking Roti)
Buss Up Shut(paratha):- a Layared roti made with butter, and cooked on tawa to a light crisp. The cook then beats the roti (buss'it up) on tawa, Causing it to Crumble and become flaky.

Specials For Saturday

⇨ Jerk Chicken (Only On Saturdays)
⇨ Trini Style Chinese (Only On Saturdays)

Caribbean Spice Roti Shop

Goat Curry and Potato Roti

Beef and Potato Roti

Pholourie with Tamarind Chutney

Bake n Shark

Shrimp n Potato Roti(Wrap)

Shrimp with Potatoes Buss Up Shut

Vegetable Buss Up Shut


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